20 Days to a Successful Marriage




James Laster believes that God is love, and that your marriage was never meant to be a mistake. As such, he also believes that in order to have continued success within your marriage, you have to “see” your marriage as successful. One of the reasons that the divorce rate remains consistently high at 50% is because married couples have lost focus on what the importance of marriage is all about. 20 Days to A Successful Marriage (20DTASM) helps to rebuild that focus with principles designed to reconnect your marriage back to your creator. In order to be in love, you have to understand love-it’s that simple. Who better to learn that from than the person who created it? With included assignments, 20DTASM challenges you and your spouse to work together as partners to recapture, restructure, and reassure that you are thriving in the marriage that God designed for you to have.


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