A chronicle of Success Stories for Girls & Women




The women who have shared their experiences in these stories, have experience God’s forgiveness, and acceptance and have made up their minds to trust Him on the journey of their lives. They have gained new perspectives as they realize that regardless of how far they had gone off course, and how much they had sinned, that God had always been there, lovingly waiting for them to come to Him. I challenge every woman, especially those who feel like they have been marginalized by harsh circumstances in life, to take up the challenge of stopping in your tracks, accessing your lives, and making up your minds to give God full control of your lives. Let Him take the reins of your lives ~ He will never steer you in the wrong direction. With every difficulty in your life, He will teach you how to navigate the course, and will use it as a stepping stone to a productive and purposeful life in Him. I challenge you! Try Him.


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