Language Within Language




A recent study conducted by the Barna Group revealed that the Christian community is not impacting the young generation in ways that would help them to brave the torrential distracting waves of secular change. Thus, an obvious disconnection between the Millennial (or Mosaic) generation and its predecessor exists. In light of our Savior’s call to pursue the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20), further clarification was sought. A qualitative study was conducted and presented herein. Analysis of data revealed that the usual way of communicating the Good News may not be understood by the younger generation. Although the Message is expressed using the listener’s language, the meaning of the words may have changed between generations. Words with changed or bearing no meaning were cited. The word most significant having no meaning or understanding is truth. The ramifications of such a finding are huge since the whole gospel message rests on truth. Therefore, what may be present is a language within the language. Hence, the big question that begs to be answered is, “Do we need to rethink the usual way of ministering to the Millennials/Mosaics?” The mechanics and events that could have contributed to the phenomenon are explored as well as suggestions to reach the young generations.


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