My Childhood in Hitler’s Germany




Imagine being born in Nazi Germany shortly after the start of World War II. Your Father dies fighting in a Russian winter after being drafted, without ever meeting you. You and your Mother are forced to scrabble and steal to stay alive in a war-torn Nation. Gisela Scofield does not have to imagine this – she lived it. Join her, as she takes you by the hand through those days and shares the beginnings of her life story. From running to a Bunker as bombs rained overhead and the world burned, to her Mother’s transformation from being in love with one of Hitler’s favorite orchestra leaders and believing the F├╝hrer’s rhetoric on all things, to an angry, disillusioned Freedom Fighter when the years of death and destruction dragged on at his delusional insistence. This is the true story of the early childhood of a girl who would be destined to fly high herself as one of Pan American’s first flight attendants. Gisela Wheeler Scofield was born in 1941 in the beautiful city of Hamburg during some of the darkest days in our history – Hitler’s Germany in World War II. She rose like a Phoenix out of those ashes, as did the city of her birth, to fly the world with Pan American Airways. Her destiny led her to grow up in England as a casualty yet survivor of the war, and to go on to emigrate to America as a Stewardess when Pan Am came calling. The world was her oyster as she flew serving royalty and the famous. She also learned to deal with sadness as she met and flew young men into battle in Vietnam. Then, the exhilaration and joy when she flew them home. She married an American Naval officer she met in Bangkok and had two boys. They then adopted a baby daughter from Korea. Gisela has six grandchildren and lives in Texas with her two miniature dachshunds Sandi and Bindi.


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