Resurrections-A Book of Repentance




Leon Moore was born in Halifax North Carolina. He was raised in New Haven and Hamden,Connecticut and now resides in Virginia. His life’s journey took him through drugs, jails, prisons and homelessness. While in prison, his job was to clean death row. During his incarceration he saw things that shook his world. He found peace through prayer but felt the bible didn’t relate to his real world perspective. He got tired of seeing and hearing so-called preachers taking the word of God out of context by sugar coating God’s intent to benefit their lifestyle. Moore promised God that if He cleaned up his life that he would write about and teach the word of God as it was intended for man’s ears. Resurrections—A Book of Repentance, is the fulfillment of Leon Moore’s promise to God. Its plain language and relevant connections to God’s word draws an easy to read-road map toward repentance.


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