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A woman will lose her friends, her family, her job, her credit, her money, her self-respect, her identity and eventually her soul for a man. She will allow this to happen because God made a woman’s capacity to love almost as deep as His. Otherwise how would any of us ever grow to know what true and unconditional love is. When love so deep is not valued then its abuse is inevitable. This is an example of what can happen if you allow a man to try to occupy the role that only God should fill. God will never allow you to find the equal for the love He’s given you if you have not first given that love and intimacy to Him. The world sees your outer strength because they don’t have to know the real you. My question is, do you have the inner courage to pursue such intimacy with someone you cannot hold. Are you willing to base your identity on someone you have to rely on to hold you instead? If you’re willing to, you will never subconsciously and desperately seek another man the way you have before. The advantage to this is, you will appear even more desirable because you are entering that relationship from a renewed position of inner strength; the key component every man wants in a woman.


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