The Adventures of an Alaskan Game Warden




A man without a dream is like a candle without a wick. Don’t be afraid to dream; imagine it, chase it, capture it and make it yours. You may only have that one chance in your life time, so take advantage of it. Then let a tongue of the consuming fire of God touch the wick of your dream and produce some light for this darkened world. You may be wondering what this bit of poetry has to do with the subject of this book- well, everything. If I had not pursued my dream long ago of becoming a game warden in Alaska I obviously would not have written this book, you would not be reading it and would not have this opportunity to be inspired in some small way. This is not a religious book per se, but rather one that tells of a relationship between a young man and his Creator whom he did not acknowledge but was, however, madly in love with His creation: soaring eagles and sockeye salmon, moose and musk ox, whales and walruses, spectacular sunsets and sunrises- all for him to revel in. Enjoy this adventure into the wilds of Alaska as the author takes you from the temperate rainforests of Southeastern Alaska to the frozen tundra of the North Slope; from the Aleutian Chain (the home of the Deadliest Catch”) to the pristine mountains and crystal clear streams of the Kenai Peninsula and from the relative bustle of Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage, to the peaceful Matanuska Valley. Travel with me now and allow your dream to come alive.


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