The Coil People


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Coil People is a story of the mysterious creation of a wonderful world all from the magical canvas of an eccentric genius artist named Enoch. Unknown to the artist, his amazing works of art lived as two independent lands. These two cities were constantly evolving as grander and grander as he painted in his most ridiculous style. The story develops beneath the building where the artist’s studio is built. Due to a sudden inexplicable earthquake the artist’s canvas falls through a crack in the studio floor and disappears shutting the floor with such iron hardness that nothing could penetrate it. The world of the coil people consists of a people who appear human until they begin to walk and their metal coil like inner structure would be revealed. Their existence was however threatened by their nemesis the Corrosive Entity which by virtue of its very name was a danger to them. The Corrosive Entity possessed half of the world beneath and was bent on owning the other half. The main Character in the story, Yesh would hopefully be the savior


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