The Cross and Weeping Still




Mrs. Vertis Kincaid-Jimerson, RN was married to her beloved husband Raymond Jimerson for 23 years until his untimely death in 1986. They had three sons, Raymond, Jr., 1964; Juan, 1966; and Kevron, 1972. They built their home and life in Hueytown, Alabama, and moved in years later, after paying as they built. The late Mr. Jimerson had a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree, majoring in Chemistry, from Tennessee State University. When they married Mr. Jimerson went back to school to obtain an education in air conditioning and refrigeration to increase the family income to help support their growing family. Mrs. Jimerson has always been proud of her sons and the fact that they were obedient and never caused trouble. The Cross and Weeping Still captures the chronological events of the late Mr. Jimerson’s illness, diagnosis, medical treatment and the events that led to his death. Mrs. Jimerson’s hope is that her story of pain and loss with its accompanying medical documentation will help educate and empower readers to be diligent in the care of their loved ones in the event they should ever encounter similar circumstances.


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