Your Vote Matters: The Easy Way to Use Your Power




In homage to the civil rights movement and out of restlessness with the reemergence of Jim Crow tactics to suppress the minority vote, J.W. Cherry III, is set on telling the truth about the state of our freedom and the protection of our rights. “Your Vote Matters: The Easy Way to use Your Power,” uncovers that a complacent sense of our country’s politics, will result in the impairment of the middle-class and the steady decline of the poor. Many people believe that since African descendants no longer work on plantations, slavery is completely over in the United States. However, policies in place enslave immigrants, driving them to desperate measures to protect their families while using their labor and resources but denying them a path to become a citizen. This is a guide for new voters. Cherry simplifies the election and voting process and provides the main points in history that tie into the pressing civil rights issues of today and ultimately, the legacy we all hope to leave for generations to come.


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